A series of wind-generated compositions

Anémochories are a series of generative and/or interactive compositions controlled by the wind. Algorithmically conceived, the compositions unfold and adapt to different situations, places, devices, temporalities and formats of diffusion such as installation, acousmatic concert, or performance.

Wind is a meteorological phenomenon that plays several important roles in ecosystems. The one that interests me in particular is the phenomenon of anemochory, which is the dispersion of diaspores. This is the main mode of dispersal for about 90% of plant species. The wind disperses life.

Anémochories#1, the first iteration of the series was specifically conceived for the outdoor multichannel sound system of Art Center Sporobole, Sherbrooke, Canada. The generative composition uses wind force data to subtly vary sounds, structures and space. The overall aesthetic of this piece is an aesthetic of the "near-inaudible", thought for the transient place that is the street. The sound materials are subtly and plausibly integrated into the sound environment of the street and the structure slowly unfolds in time and space, playing with the threshold of perception. Like the wind that spreads the living without our knowledge, I propose a work that unfolds with or without us. Anémochories#1 was inspired by soundwalks around the city, and was meant to be a point of listening to an elusive landscape in its entirety.

Credits :
Research, Conception, Composition, Programming : Estelle Schorpp
Production : Sporobole, Hexagram

Exhibited :
2021 : Anémochories#1 was specifically created in June 2021 for the multiphonic sound system of La Vitrine of Art Center Sporobole in Sherbrooke, Canada.

It was also adapted to be streamed on the sound immersion platform “Déjà-vu”.

2022 :
It was also played in April 2022  for PULS III: Ljudbänken @ Skeppsholmen, Audiorama, Stokholm, SE.